Have you found a place to live yet?

If you thought santa was scary, wait until you try picking out an apartment. There would be nothing worse than having a leaky toilet or a broken elevator and the landlord not fix it.  As well, if you are looking for a roommate choose wisely, or you could pay the price -literally.  You have a variety of options available to choose from when looking for a place to live during the school year.  Rooms and apartments in Kingston can range from $400-1200 a month.    Before signing a lease make sure to check out the property, and if possible talk to residents that live in the building to get an honest opinion of what it’s like living there.  

Below you will find information regarding the different rental agencies and their links, other sources to find living accomodations, and a map of the area around St. Lawrence College to get a better idea of where you are moving to. 

Rental Agencies

Homestead Land Holdings – They have two apartments located across from the college Newcourt Fields 1 and Newcourt Fields 2, as well as Bradstreet.  They all are about $800-900+ a month for a two bedroom apartment.  Their website is easy to use and the staff is pretty good, if you want to see more apartments click the link for Homestead.

Lamb Realty – Infamous for their low priced rent and giving student tenants a hard time.  If you are still interested click the linkfor Lamb Realty.

Skyline – Affordable apartments, but far from the school.  If you are not really into getting a roommate this may be an option for you, here is the link for Skyline.

Brock-King – They have locations throughout the city with varying prices and apartment sizes.  To learn more click the link for Brock-King.

Other sources of Accomodation

 If you choose this route, you need to be extra careful you don’t get stuck with a less than stellar landlord.  If you get a gut feeling that something doesn’t feel right, follow your instinct and keep looking for another place.

Kijiji – You will probably be able to find a cheaper place than with a rental agency with Kijiji.  Do not compromise your health and safety for cheap rent.  Click the link for Kijiji.

Ontario Student Housing – This site is directed at college and university students, click the link Ontario Student Housing

If you haven’t found what you are looking for yet try this link apartmentinfo.ca.  It lists different companies and websites for apartment rentals.


Click the link to see the google map of St. Lawrence College and surrounding area.

Remember you will have to live with your choice for at least eight months, if not longer.  Seriously think about your needs, and be ready to compromise.  Getting everything on your wishlist may also cost you more money.

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